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Spring 2023

Artists’ Cooperative

  • We do various art activities such as drawing together or collaborating on sticker designs or paintings. We meet on Wednesdays at 5pm and it is open to the public

  • President: Alyssa Sorce

  • Contact: 

Asian Alliance Club

  • Asian Alliance club strives to promote an Asian culture, worldview to our community as well as support Asian community in Whitworth. It seeks to educate and foster engagement between worlds.

  • President: Telmen Amarbayasgalan

  • Contact:

Association of Minorities in STEM

  •  Our main goal this semester is to help create a fun stress free environment for all students (particularly Minorities in STEM). We hope that by creating these fun spaces students will be able to reduce some of the stress that comes with some of the unseen challenges minorities face.

  • President: Luis Pablo Carrera-Lara

  • Contact:

Astronomy Club

  • Do you like stargazing? Have fun viewing the night sky with Astronomy Club! Our monthly meetings are open to all Whitworth students and you can drop by for as long as you want to see stars and planets up close through a telescope and celebrate astronomic events while enjoying food and beverages with new friends.

  • President: Meg Fairborn

  • Contact: 

Athletic Training Club

  • We are the Athletic Training Club. Our primary goal of this club is to bring understanding of what Athletic Training services are to the Whitworth community. When we get together, we like to play games and we create friendly competition while educating about athletic training. We meet in the Graduate Health Sciences building, Dornsnife, in room 303A and we are open to the public

  • President: Adia Davis

  • Contact:

Band of Whitworth Pirates

  • We are the Whitworth Pep Band. We perform at all football games, basketball home games (both men's and women's), and a large parade downtown Spokane

  • President: Christoper Anderson

  • Contact:

Beta Alpha Psi

  • BAP is an honor society accounting and finance-based club. Our goal is to help students focused on business to learn from local professionals and expose them too local accounting firms for internship and job offers

  • President: Brendan Miller

  • Contact:

Black Student Union

  • We are a club whose main aim is to provide a safe space for black student in Whitworth university , a space where they can come ,rest, enjoy and chat about things other than academics. A family where black students can come to talk about their challenges and look for solutions

  • President: Elysee Kazadi

  • Contact:

Bowling Club

Business Club

  • We are a club whose main aim is to provide a safe space for black student in Whitworth university , a space where they can come ,rest, enjoy and chat about things other than academics. A family where black students can come to talk about their challenges and look for solutions

  • President: Amelia Hewson & Kolby Goff

  • Contact:,


Camaraderie of the Armed Forces


Camp Kesem

  • Camp Kesem is a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting kids through and beyond their parent’s cancer. We put on multiple fundraisers throughout the year and we also put on a weeklong summer camp for the kids.
    We meet once a month, the third Tuesday of every month, and we usually meet in the MPR

  • President: McKenna Brown & Colton Nussbaum

  • Contact: ,


Catholic Fellowship

  • Catholic fellowship is a public club! We are a club on campus that comes together weekly on Sundays 3-4:30 in the ABC room in the HUB. We offer the opportunity for students, whether of the faith or not, to know more about Catholic faith. We do bible studies, carpools to mass, and get connected with outside opportunities such as retreats. 

  • President: Natalie Robles

  • Contact:

Chemistry and Other Sciences (ChAOS)

  • Chemistry and Other Sciences Club (ChAOS) is a club for those involved in or interested in STEM at Whitworth Univerity. Our goal is to create a STEM community where students can learn, have fun, and form relationships with those who share the same passion. We host events that involve hands-on fun and education on various science topics that can often include STEM professors for the students to engage with and get to know.

  • President: Rachel Bender

  • Contact:

Chess Club

Cool Whip

  • Whitworth University's funniest improv team! We put on shows every few weeks to give students homework breaks and the opportunity to sit with friends and laugh a little! Our meeting times change pretty frequently based on the availability but right now we meet Thursday nights and Sundays 5-6:30. Our meetings are private but we have frequent open meetings called "SAL" (Sunday Afternoon Live) that are advertised on our Instagram

  • President: Joe Henson

  • Contact:


Disability Awareness Club


En Christo

  • At En Christo we make sack lunches as an outlet to foster community with downtown Spokane, with the goal of representing and learning about Jesus well through service and relationship. We go to an apartment building to sit and talk with residents, providing community for those living there and for Whitworth students. After that, we hand lunches to those living on the streets and enter into their community. Our club meets every Saturday in the MPR at 12 o’clock noon to make the sack lunches. Then we each lunch together in the dining hall and carpool downtown at 1pm. We usually get back to campus around 3:30pm. Anyone is welcome to join anytime, for all of it or for as much as they can! We’d love to see you!

  • President: Quincy Winder

  • Contact: 


Environmental Action Coalition (EAC)

  • We are the Environmental Action Coalition. We provide a space for students to voice environmental concerns and act as a group on our convictions. This ranges from advocacy to volunteer work to fun eco-events. We meet on Monday at 6 in Robinson 120, and our meetings are open to all

  • President: Jael Allen

  • Contact:


Filipino-American Student Association


Gaming Club

  • We are everything gaming (except chess club). We play boardgames, videogames, Dungeons and Dragons. We have a thriving discord server. An active Minecraft server.  We have members set up teams for online videogames like League of Legends. We create groups for playing Dungeons and Dragons. We are a public club anyone is free to come to our weekly session or join. We meet from 12pm-4pm in Eric Johnston Science Building Room 308 almost every Saturday. To play boardgames or jackbox

  • President: Kendall Sandhop

  • Contact:

Gender Equality Movement

Generation Action


Generations Connect

Guitar Club

  • Guitar club is a club where people can express their music style and jam together. The club mainly specialize in guitar but every other instrument is very welcomed! As it’ll make jamming together more fun and diverse

  • President: Nguyen DO

  • Contact:

Girl Gains

  • Girl gains is female lifting club formed to empower and encourage women to step into the weight room. Along with this you’ll find other girls with the same goals, motivation, and create a safe and comfortable environment for you to grow both in physical and mental strength. We want to create lasting healthy relationships with each but also with our health and fitness.
    our meeting vary month to month but all events are posted on our instagram (@wugirlsgains). Everyone is welcome to attend!

  • President: McKenzie Garcia

  • Contact:

Heritage of Latino Americans

  • The Heritage for Latin Americans Club (H.O.L.A.) is a club that strives to promote the Latinx community and culture to our campus community. We make different sorts of events surrounding Hispanic culture. We meet monthly in the ABC room and our events are open to everyone!

  • President: Janeth Beltran

  • Contact:

History Club

  • History Club is the student club for Whitworth's amazing History Department. We meet every other Thursday at 4 pm, in the library until we settle on a more permanent location. We are a public club that promotes all things history while putting on events such as sing-a-longs with Dr. Dale Soden and Tai Chi and Tea with Dr. Clark, and we strive to create rich community for students of history and all disciplines

  • President: Kyle Evers

  • Contact:

International Club


Jubilation Dance Ministry

  • Jubilation is an inclusive community where faith and dance collide! We offer open-level dance classes that are accessible and engaging to both those who are new to dance as well as those who have trained for many years. Anybody who attends is treated as a dancer, no matter their experience. We begin each class with a brief devotional to acknowledge dance as a form of worship, though our classes are open to dancers of all faith backgrounds. Our weekly public meetings are all in Tacoma hall at the following times: 

  • Sundays Musical theater, 5:00 Advanced technique, 6:30

  •  Mondays Ballet, 5:00

  • Tuesdays Hip hop, 5:00

  • Wednesdays Tap, 5:00 Jazz, 6:30

  • President: Jonah Hill 

  • Contact:


Martial Arts Club

Meals in the Margins

Men's Soccer Club

  • A club team for Whitworth students not on the Varsity team interested in playing soccer at a higher level of competition than the intramurals

  • President: James Walker

  • Contact:

Network of Enlightened Women (N.E.W)

Pirates United Club

  • Volunteering club that focuses on community outreach. Volunteering opportunities include work with food banks, shelters, co-ops, and environmental organizations. Events are bi-weekly and are typically off-campus.

  • President: Collin Rise

  • Contact:

Pirates Fighting Against Hunger

Political Science Club

Polynesian Club

  • We share the Polynesian culture with Whitworth and the Spokane community to build an ʻohana for various students from Hawaiʻi/Polynesian islands. This ʻohana is open to everyone and anyone that would like to learn and experience the Polynesian culture. We plan to do this while abiding by the mission and goals of Whitworth University

  • President: Cheyenne Kapua 

  • Contact:


Pre-Med Club

  • For the pre-med club, our goal is to create community and volunteer opportunities for students who are passionate about health care and medicine. Our club generally meets twice a month with guest speakers and fun activities in ROB 310 at 7PM on Wednesdays and is available to the general public to attend.

  • President: Alex Vickers 

  • Contact:


Pre-Occupational Therapy Club

  • Pre-Occupational Therapy Club. The pre-OT club is for students interested in OT and want to learn more about it and meet people who are on the same career path! Pre-OT club would look great on grad school applications and is a great way to get a jump start in all things occupational therapy.  Meetings are public but we don't have regular meetings right now, just events I put on that people can attend

  • President: Alaina McCartney

  • Contact:

Pride Club

  • We try to facilitate community among people who share the same beliefs. Despite different majors, different years, or other differences we all are here at the same campus. Join the girls, gays, and theys! Public Meetings, usually in ABC Room or Weyerhaeuser 111

  • President: Bryan Acevedo-Prado

  • Contact: 

Psi Chi/Psychology Club


Roundnet Club


Storyteller’s Club

  • We hold club meetings ever Thursday evening from 6:00-7:30 PM in Westminster 141. At our meetings, we write creatively and talk to each other about writing. We also have tea every week and encourage asking others for advice on writing. Our meetings are open to the general student body, as one does not have to be a member to participate in the club.

  • President: Caitlin Teeter

  • Contact:

Student Investment Group

  • The Whitworth Student Investment Group is a group of undergraduate students from all areas of interest with a passion for investing. We get hands-on experience by managing the Robblee-Roberts Student Investment Fund as part of Whitworth University’s endowment. Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to be involved in investment management and through WSIG, we foster the skills of leadership, communication, presentation, and public speaking. There are two meetings in the week where the group members get together. The first is a more casual sector meeting. The second meeting is every Thursday morning at 6:15 am which is more structured and professional in Weyerhauser 111 and open to all majors.

  • President: Nicolas Caballero

  • Contact:


Students for Life  


Swing and Ballroom Dance Club

  • We teach students different group and partner dances and host events where they can put those dance skills to use. Our meetings vary each month our events are posted on posters throughout the school and on our Instagram @whitworthswingdanceclub. Anyone is encouraged to come regardless of dance experience, we can teach you all you need to know! Meetings: Mondays in the HUB ABC room, 8:30pm, public. (This time and date may change in the spring)

  • President: August Albers 

  • Contact:


Teachers of Tomorrow

  • Our mission is to inspire, assist, and advocate for Whitworth students in becoming future teachers! We aim to provide Whitworth students with opportunities to grow professionally and in our educational community.
    Our events are aimed for education students, but all are welcome! We do not have recuring meetings, but try to host 2-3 events per month.

  • President: Eva Millan

  • Contact:

Turning Point USA

The Hidden Opponent

  • The Hidden Opponent at Whitworth is a chapter based on the national non-profit founded by former D1 volleyball player Victoria Garrick. The purpose of THO is to advocate, educate, and support athlete mental health with the goal of destigmatizing mental health within athletics. Together we will face the hidden opponent. Meetings occur monthly and are open to all! While we focus on athlete mental health, we believe mental health is for everyone and want to support anyone in their pursuit of mental health support.

  • President: Jessica Rusconi 

  • Contact:


Ultimate Frisbee Club

  • Our Club's Name is "Ultimate Frisbee Club" aka "Bangarang"
    We are a competitive Ultimate Frisbee Team that plays other D-I and D-III schools in our area and has several tournaments every year. We practice Tuesday/ Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:30 on Omache Field.

  • President: Jacob Robblee & Ethan Wagner 

  • Contact:,


Umoja Club


United States Against Sweatshops (USAS)


Westminster Round


  • WhitCode is the Computer Science club for students on campus that fosters a culture of learning and growth within the CS/Math community at Whitworth University. We encourage our members to seek our opportunities to expand their knowledge, fine-tune their skills, and network with other members. We have social hours that are usually hosted on the first Monday of every month at 6:00 pm in EJ 308. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting and socialize and learn more about the field of Computer Science. 

  • President: Nirjal Shakya

  • Contact:

Women In Finance

  • we meet to empower women in business to feel confident in their classes by teaching them business concepts. We encourage participation from all students. We meet every other Tuesday at 11:30 in Weyerhaeuser 303. Our meetings are public

  • President: Madeline Schiefelbein

  • Contact:

Womxn Rock


Women’s Soccer Club

  • A team for women to come together to play competitive soccer at a level in between intramurals and varsity soccer.  We play in the West Coast Soccer Association league, and also schedule our own games outside of league games.  We practice 2-3 days per week on the days that work for the most people, and we have a lot of fun! This semester, we held practices on Wednesdays and Thursdays on Omache field and in the U-Rec, depending on weather.  Our games occur on the weekends, either in the Back 40 or at other schools' campuses. Our practices are open to anyone to come see if they want to officially play on the team.  However, to play in league games, players need to register with the league association

  • President: Tatum Niemeyer & Heather Gengo

  • Contact:,

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